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Mat Latos: "Twitter is nothing"

A good example of bad photoshopping.
A good example of bad photoshopping.

I think we were all on board when Mat Latos signed those balls saying he hated SF, but now he's going after twitter.  Has he gone too far?

Latos talks as good a game as he pitches - MLB - Yahoo! Sports

"It’s a waste of my time," he said. "There’s no point. Twitter is nothing. Twitter is a bunch of people that get online and send a bunch of messages to one another that talk about professional sports and athletes and think what they say matters. Everybody’s a comedian on Twitter. Whatever."

I'll tell you what's a waste of time, spending an hour trying to photoshop a baseball and then it still turns out looking terrible.

The rest of the article talks about Latos' personality.  I agree with Bud Black, that players should be themselves.  As a fan I want to know what's on Latos' mind, as long as it doesn't become a problem for the team.  There's nothing more annoying than a player giving the same sterile answers, game after game, like "Nuke" Laloosh in Bull Durham.  I don't mind that Latos throws his glove in the dugout and lets off a bit of steam after a bad outing.  You try to hold in all that emotion and you end up like Khalil Greene.  If he calmed his competitive personality then I'd be worried.