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Book Club: Dick Enberg's "Oh My!" Chapter 11

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Welcome back to the Gaslamp Ball Book Club.  In chapter 11 of  Dick Enberg's "Oh My!" Enberg briefly describes the roles he's had in television and film.  For the most part he played a sports broadcaster, but he has also hosted a few sports game shows as well.

Highlights of this chapter include Don Drysdale telling Dick Enberg he smells like a walking frat party and the director of Mr. 3000 type casting him for a role.  The director of Mr. 3000 told Enberg that they chose him over Bob Uecker for the broadcaster role in the movie because Uecker is "too well known" and Enberg is "more generic."

Discussion Questions

1.  When Enberg describes himself as a "somewhat attractive", do you think he's bragging or being too hard on himself?

2. Though Enberg benefited from his unpopular and generic broadcasting, would he benefit today by being more unique?