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Spring Training Game Thread: 3/5, Padres vs. Cubs

I tried to record MLB Network's 30 Clubs in 30 Days last night, by recording it twice and both times it didn't start when they said it would.  So I recorded 2.5 hours of TV and got about a half hour of the actual show.  Then when I check to see when it will be on again, I see that they repeat Arizona, Colorado and the Mariners about a dozen times tomorrow  but don't repeat the Padres until Monday.  It'll probably posted online before then. 

The only thing I really saw was an interview with Heath Bell talking about Typhoid and raw sewage.  Also, Baseball Prospectus is predicting the Pads to finish 80-82, in 4th place, 10 games behind the Giants.  Whatevs.

My mouth feels really numb right now, like someone shot me up with Novocaine without my knowledge.  I'm going to drink a cup of tea and see if it helps.

Go Padres!


Wade LeBlanc struggles in Padres' loss to Cubs | News
Wade LeBlanc allowed four runs on eight hits over just 2 2/3 innings as the Padres fell to the Cubs, 9-4, on Saturday afternoon in Mesa, Ariz.

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