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Opening Day at the Park and Shopping with Jane Mitchell

Away at the Park on Opening Day
Away at the Park on Opening Day

Jbox and I headed down to the Park at the Park this afternoon for Opening Day. If you didn't know, the Padres allow fans to watch all away games on the park's Jumbo Tron.

We called Dex on our drive down to ask him where to park. He was able to find out that we could park in D1/D2, the Parkade or the tailgate lot. None of us were sure where D1/D2 were but we figured that the lot in front of the ballpark must be it.

Once inside there was a good group of fans, but it was really hot! Three innings into the game we needed refreshments bad. We went over Quizno's for a sandwich and tall soda. Dex headed back to work and we headed back to the park. We baked in the sun, and I ate a toasted sandwich... bad idea.

After our lunch we needed shade. We took refuge by hitting up the Padre store. On a day that saw temperatures reach the 90's, Jbox scored himself a Padres Gortex jacket ala George Costanza. He was loving it. So much so, that he had to share the news of this great find with everyone he saw, including Channel 4 Padres' own Jane Mitchell. I think she was the only one who really even cared that he scored such a great jacket for 50% off. Noticing Jane's enthusiasm for the jacket, Jbox insisted she buy one so they could be twins. She invited us to come shopping her.

Shopping at the Padres store with @gaslampball guys. Go padres!! than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

So we spent the next hour sorting through the discount racks at the Padres Store. Jane loves a good deal. She was going back and forth about getting the jacket, mostly because Jbox kept pressuring her to buy it. Finally she said "I'm going to get it!" Jbox then deflated her enthusiasm by saying to her "I'm not sure you can pull it off."


We headed back out into the heat. Just in time to find the Padres were going to extra innings. But it was just too damn hot, especially with this jacket. We headed out catching the rest of the game on TV.

To cap off a perfect day, we find Jbox's car with a $40 parking ticket under the wiper. He threw a fit,