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Your new faces of the franchise: Orlando Hudson and Will Venable


Oh Everth Cabrera. We hardly knew you...


Over on the left looks to be the O-Dawg himself. And on the right is Dex's Favorite Padres Player, Will the Thrill Venable. In the center? As a reminder.... This is the effing San Diego Padres, dude. Don't forget it.

The thing I am fascinated by is the photos themselves. Orlando Hudson has yet to play a game in a Padres uniform and yet there he is in the home whites. The photo must be either staged or photoshopped. Will Venable's photo though appears to be from in-game action. Notice the very slight motion blur on his right hand.

Both photos, to thenerdhater's immense dismay, have been touched up with that slightly grainy, slightly overexposed, look that is popular with the cool kids these days. I like it, but others will wonder if the Padres indeed have access to a more high definition camera.

I also walked under the giant tribute to the military signage and got a little freaked out. The whole thing still makes me a little bit nervous. I'm not sure what to think about it other than the implication from the poster is that Heath Bell is about to beat down an enemy of the state with a bat. Creeeeeepy.