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Padres Fashion on the Internets

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  • 92018840_medium I was watching "What Not To Wear" last week and it was an episode based in San Diego.  It was about a skater chick in her 40's who shouldn't be dressing like a skater chick in her 40's.  They had a bunch of skaters in the background and one of them was wearing this "LAme" shirt.  The L and A are the interlocking LA of in the Dodgers' logo.  I remember seeing this shirt last season in a tweet by @padres_chica and she reminded me that you can get them at Clairemont Surf Shop.  I emailed Danny and he told me that they have a few left in stock but are expecting a new shipment very soon.  If you want one and are live out of town, he said you could email him and he'd work out the shipping with you. I also just got an email from the 5 and Dime that you can also buy the shirts online here.
  •   3ff7_1_medium Somebody tweeted last week that she was looking for a Padres bikini on eBay and instead found this suit.  That doesn't  look like the type of swim suit you'd find in the Padres store, but it says it's officially licensed by the MLB.  Go figure. It's a weird suit because the bottom is super frumpy and the top is super transparent.  If you wear this swimsuit what does it say about you?  I'm a Padres fan, who really wants to show off my body but I'm also too shy to wear a bikini and I like funky tan lines.
  • Pmlb2-9491195dt_medium I bought this shirt a week or two ago. Every time I've ever ordered something from the MLB shop I've had to send it back and this was no exception.  I ordered a large and boy was it large.  It draped over me like a poncho.  The neck on it was so big that it hung off my that I looked like an 80's fitness coach teaching Jazzercise.  I sent it back and I guess I'll order a medium now.