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Everth Cabrera no longer giant face of the franchise

That photo from today's earlier post was literally from this morning at around 9AM. This is what things looked like as of 3:47PM...


Everth's handsome face and supple midsection are completely gone. In their place are blank spots. His feet are still there though. I guess to just milk every last bit of sponsorship money they can by flashing those gigantic sneakers.

This reminds me though... Tenth and Island has another photo of a giant poster on their blog right now. This time it's of the Little League World Series Champs replacement. Take a look here...

This is going to sound terrible, and probably violate some Gaslamp Ball rules, but does the new poster remind anybody else of the Hitler Youth? I mean seriously. It's a little heavy handed, right? Makes me a little nervous. Like what the eff have we signed on for?

Also makes me wonder what they're going to be replacing the Cabrera poster with. My vote (even though I'm sure it's already printed up): Photos and imagery of Padres legends. Let's remind people that the Padres have a rich history and that signing on to be a Padres fan is something for the long term. Somebody, make it so.