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Before the Blog: 10/7/1998

We're thinking that Before the Blog might be a new Friday feature on Gaslamp Ball for a few months. I recently found an archive of 3 years worth of old emails from 1998 to 2001. The basic premise behind Before the Blog is that I search the emails for references to the Padres and then post one of the emails each week for our collective enjoyment.

Here's the first one and probably my favorite. It's an email sent from Dex to me and Kev many years ago...

Wed 10/7/1998 9:58 AM
Subject: DC
Man, I'm psyched about the Dawson's Creek premier
tonight. What time are you going to be
home? I'll be done with class at
4:30, so if you're home by 5 we can catch both episodes!
Kev, are you down with a little Creek
action? I woke up whistling the theme
song. Wait, we got the Pads tonight at
5:15 actually. We can watch the first 15
minutes of DC to tease us and then watch the Padres.
That would be sweet. I'm all excited now.

Later that night the Padres ended up beating the Braves in a real nail biter by a score 3-2 in Game 1 of the 1998 National League Championship Series.

Dawson's Creek didn't disappoint either. In an episode titled "The Kiss", Dawson and Joey start to have doubts about their future in the aftermath of their first true romantic kiss.