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$10M Civil case against Brian Giles starts today, Ex now engaged to Knoblauch, Trevor Hoffman could take the stand

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Opening arguments start today in a $10 million civil case against Former Padres Brian Giles brought about by his ex-fiance Cheri Olvera

It's a long sordid story, see the links below to fill yourself in with the details.

In brief, Giles asked Olvera to sign a pre-nup on the plane to their wedding in Hawaii.  She refused to sign or get off the plane.  The marriage was called off. She later accused him of abuse.  Alleged video evidence of abuse was released from a bar in Arizona.  Giles went to anger management and was never charged. She filed a civil suit because he promised to take care of her forever.  She accused him of causing a miscarriage.  He counter-accused her of abuse and of being a gold digger. 

So that brings us up to today, more or less.

A source close to Giles' camp said his attorneys will argue that Olvera is a "gold digger" who specializes in dating athletes and a bitter ex-girlfriend who left the relationship because he asked her to sign a prenuptial agreement.

It's interesting that he says that because Larry Brown wrote today that Cheri Olvera is apparently engaged to Former Yankee Chuck Knoblauch.

She and Chuck Knoblauch are now engaged. Making matters more complicated is that Knoblauch pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault last year for choking his former common-law wife, but that obviously isn’t a concern for Cheri.

A source tells us that Trevor Hoffman will take the stand as a character witness for the defense.

Ex-Padre Giles goes to trial vs. ex-girlfriend -

"It’s sad that it’s come to this," Olvera said.