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Mark your calendars

"Party on, contest winners... party on."
"Party on, contest winners... party on."

The Gaslamp Ball Party Posse is always primed to party, but from what I can tell they haven't been invited to any parties in a some time.

Here's some dates you need to know if you like to party:

  • Gaslamp Ball the Night is on 4/22. People have been begging us for years to set up a night where all of you can get together and watch a game. Well, the Padres were nice enough to set it up and now, for some reason, we're begging you to go. Oh how the tables have turned. Go to and enter Promo Code: GBALL to get tickets in Section 122 with a 30% discount. It should be fun.
  • I got an email from RJ's Fro. They're getting Padres fans together for some good times at Randy Jones All American Sports Grill on April 3rd. The event starts at 10:30 with Breakfast Specials and then there are Happy Hour prices all day for fans wearing brown. Randy Jones and a few other former Padres will be there, along with Jane Mitchell and her book, the Madres with their raffling expertise, and the Hall of Champions with trophies or something. If that's not enough, a butt load of bloggers will also be in attendance.
  • Most importantly, Padres Opening Day on 4/5 is almost sold out. As of yesterday there were only 200 seats left, so the Padres decided to sell 1500 more Park at the Park passes. Get those while you can.
  • Every Friday from now until 2012 will be FanPost Friday. That means you take a little time out of your day and write a FanPost about the Padres to entertain us with, your clever wit, your statistical analysis or your informed opinion on the Padres. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we get a Spring Training FanPost this Friday from Matthew, he promised.