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Before a statue, we're going to go with a gigantic Trevor Hoffman banner

New Blog on the Blog Block, Tenth and Island, offers us a glimpse of the new Trevor Hoffman banner that went up on the Padres Parkade. I park in this Parkade and I completely missed the banner this morning. It's because my eyes were on the road. I looked out the window and this is as much of the banner as I saw (notice the SD at the top):


Obviously, my image is not as good as the one Tenth and Island took so check theirs out. Also say hi for us.

This gigantic Trevor banner leads me to wonder though, is this a test to see how a more permanent Trevor Hoffman image may appear near Petco Park? Maybe something done in something with more dimensions, specifically one more dimension than the banner has, which would, by my math, bring us to three.

Basically, I'm thinking that this is the exact pose that we will be observing once we see the new, soon to be announced if my speculation is correct, statue that will be placed somewhere in Petco Park.