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Around the Mission: 3/20 Padres Links

  • Bud Black ideal man to lead San Diego Padres forward | News
    The 2010 National League Manager of the Year award went, and justifiably so, to Bud Black of the San Diego Padres. The encore won't be particularly easy, but at least the point about Black's managerial ability has been made in the most public way possible.

  • San Diego Padres outfielder Mike Baxter hurts his thumb | News
    Outfielder Mike Baxter suffered an injury to his left thumb Friday, as he attempted to make a diving catch on a ball hit by Alberto Callaspo of the Angels.

  • Aaron Harang, hot hitting guide San Diego Padres past Chicago Cubs | News
    Aaron Harang tossed 5 1/3 shutout innings Saturday and Chase Headley added a grand slam as the Padres defeated the Cubs, 14-4, at the Peoria Sports Complex.

  • Bartlett's glove speaks for Padres' new shortstop -
    "Jason Bartlett is two steps ahead," said Orlando Hudson, the second-base half of the Padres’ new double-play combination. "He’s a scout as well as a great player.

  • Venable having impressive spring -
    "I've seen his body more quiet at the plate," said Black. "To me, he looks more in control of the at-bat, he is dictating the at-bat.

  • PADRES: Roberts couldn't resist call of baseball
    "For me, I really, truly believe it's all about getting these players better, and that excites me."

  • PADRES: With attitude, Denorfia becomes an asset to Padres
    "If I was only going to have a couple more years in Triple-A, I was going to be as positive as I could and be mentally strong," Denorfia said. "If I was going to go down in this game, it wasn't going to be because I fell apart mentally, it was going to be because my body fell apart or my skills just disappeared.