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New Dog Park being built Downtown. Poo there if you're a dog instead of at the ballpark.

Dog Days of Summer
Dog Days of Summer

I went down to the ballpark this morning and surveyed the Park at the Park. Everywhere you looked there was beauty, except maybe for the weird guy in short shorts stretching against the Tony Gwynn statue. Other than that you couldn't have asked for a better day to view the ballpark.

I like that the Park at the Park gets used in the off season. Runners cut through it, children play at its playground, weird old men stretch all up in it and dogs use it as a bathroom.

I've got nothing against dogs. I consider their incessant barking to be as relaxing as waves crashing upon the shore. Their noses in our privates as a welcoming gesture. I guess you could say my only problem with them is that they urinate and defecate all over the place. Most of the time it's none of my concern. Most of the time...

When I looked at the lawn today, focusing on the hundreds of brown spots and the dog across the way squatting, I got to thinking. I thought of all the people during baseball games that sit and lay on the grass and the children that roll down the grassy knoll. Then I thought of dog poo residue. Then I thought of them together. Gross.

Well the good news is that the city of San Diego has approved a new dog park within walking distance of the ballpark. It'll be bounded by 11th Avenue, Park Boulevard and G and Market Streets. It's the parking lot you see below.

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I kind of hope that once the dog park is built that the residents won't find a need to let their dogs poo at the ballpark or the Padres won't allow dogs to poo at the ballpark. Either one will do.

Afterward I met Dex at The Mission restaurant. He had a coffee and I had Roast Beef Hash and Eggs just to be sociable.