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The New Petco Park Pedestrian Bridge


I crossed the new Petco Park Pedestrian Bridge. There are 14 steps to the first landing and then four sets of 11 steps to the next four landings and then a final 10 steps to the final landing for a total of 68 steps. One short of a sexual act.

I took the above photo about halfway across. There's a giant fence to keep hobos from hopping onto trains as they pass by. The photo I took of disappointed, train-seeking, penniless vagabonds did not turn out as well as expected.

Here's another photo I took though:


The hobos I spoke with pondered the idea of jumping down on top of a moving car as if it were a train to the Big Rock Candy Mountain, but saw how impractical that would be.

One last photo:


I'm thinking that they need some really creative lighting for that thing. It looks so difficult to climb, right? From that angle, it also looks a lot like the Evil Emperor Zurg.

My assessment? Best pedestrian bridge from parking structure to parking lot. EVAR.