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I just bought this Padres shirt

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That's sick right? I'm going to look so good in this Padres shirt. You don't even know.

It's a Nike Dri-Fit, so I can wear it while exercising. I decided earlier in the week that I was no longer going to watch Padres games while sitting on the couch like a slob. Instead I was going to listen to the games on the radio while running.

Last Sunday I ran through about 7 innings of the game. I was about 10 miles in and I was running up hill along side a busy road with my head down, deep in thought...

That's when I ran into a low hanging road sign. I clocked my head pretty good and it knocked my Padres visor to the ground. I stood there in a daze for about a minute and reconsidered my plan.

Last night I watched the game from my couch. No injuries.