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Spring Training Game Thread: St. Patrick's Day, Padres vs. Rangers

I bought a Roomba at Costco over the weekend on Jon's recommendation. I usually schedule it to tidy up while I'm at work, but I didn't put the filter back in all the way and it just spread the dirt around today. So I ran it again when I got home.

It came into my room while I was listening to the Jed Hoyer interview, so I put on my noise canceling head phones and let it do it's work while I continued to listen. What's cool, is that the Roomba is small enough that it goes under my bed. So when I finally turn around, it had pushed a Padres 2006 seat cushion out from under my bed into the middle of the floor. I had been wondering where that went to.

The game is on the MLB Network. The Padres are wearing Velcro St. Patrick's Day caps. Did you know that the Reds were the first team to wear St. Patrick's Day caps in 1978? Did you further know that we got into a big argument with White Sox fans about this in 2008. The comments are great.

Go Padres!

#Padres lineup: Bartlett 6, Denorfia 9, Hudson 4, Cantu 0, Hawpe 3, Headley 5, Maybin 8, Hundley 2, Cunningham 7. Richard to go 3 or so.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck