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Padres to revamp signage at Petco Park, we give our recommendations

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The Padres have hired a company to analyze and assess their audio and digital signage throughout Petco Park and make recommendations to enhance the fan experience.

Newport Digital Technologies Announces Appointment by San Diego Padres to Audit and Recommend Digital Signage and Audio Solutions at Petco Park - NDT Direct

"The Padres organization is committed to creating an unsurpassed fan experience at Petco Park," stated Padres Vice President of Facilities Mark Gugliamo, "We are also committed to keeping Petco at the cutting edge of visual and audio technology and we are confident that SASCO and Newport Digital can deliver and implement the quality solutions our fans are looking for."

Here's our recommendations:

  • Replace the grass with fiber optic turf so that in between innings they can light up the playing surface and show a butt load of advertisements. I thought I just invented fiber optic turf but after a quick Google search I found out it already exists, much to my dismay. It might also be cool in the game if the ground lights up as the player runs towards the ball.  Then you can review his route after the play too.  It'd be like Michael Jackson's Billy Jean video, except it'd be baseball.
  • Here's an idea from Dex: "They should install mobile augmented reality that interacts with the signage.  So you download an app and direct the camera at some of the digital signage  and you can interact directly with it or you could have the app pointed at a menu at the ballpark and click on certain things."
  • Dex also has an idea for digital displays in the urinals that change depending on which team the Padres are playing, so fans can pee on other team's logo. "...and if you pee on it enough, you get a cartoon video of like a Dodger's player that's like, 'ENOUGH ALREADY!'"  I was suggesting it could be like the Disneyland shooting gallery too.  If one guy pees long enough with a steady stream on the target, or two guys team up on a urinal, then a big ghost cowboy flies across the Jumbo Tron and everybody is like "Dang somebody just peed for 3 minutes straight!"
  • Here's a fan experience idea from Dex:  "So you have a camera pointed right at the live pitcher and then you digitally display them on a screen.  Then you put this in a batting cage maybe it's just the previous pitch but like, it'll say, 'Ok… the last pitch was an 85 mph slider' and then the cage displays the actual pitcher and the machine throws the equivalent of an 85 mph slider." 
  • I've always had a dream for Petco Park that has no real practical purpose.  They should install a switch in each seat, so they can tell when a fan stands up.  At any given time you can see a running total of the crowd sitting and standing.  They might just have a graph or a percentage.  So after a great play you can be like "That play was so rad that 28% of Padres fans actually stood up!"
  • Dex already blogged about it but the Padres should also install a scoreboard located near the playground, so parents can keep up with the game while keeping an eye on their kids.  I think it should be an old timey time manual scoreboard and use some child labor to keep it functional.

Maybe more ideas later...