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Drink twice as much beer as you can afford with Randy Jones

"You ever had beer before? We got something in common."
"You ever had beer before? We got something in common."

The Randy Jones All American Sports Grill is running a promotion with Tap Hunter. Ten bucks gets you 20 bucks worth of beer (or food or whatevers). On April 7th, they're also running a beer class and Randy Jones will be there, drinking you under the table reminiscing about how easy it would be to drink you under the table.

If you haven't heard of Tap Hunter, it's basically Groupon for beer, which is something I'm sure people who drink beer and clip coupons would be crazy into.

As an added bonus, I'm thinking we should do a Gaslamp Ball Night at the Grill and watch an away game there. I'm sure between jbox's local celebrity connections and my insistent paparazzi like stalking, we'll be able to get at least one local celebrity to show up and drink beer with us. Even if we don't get Randy Jones to come back out, we could totes get like Kev or Pad Squad Andre.

Actually, yes... We will somehow make Pad Squad Andre come to our beer night at the grill. Just buy your Groupon Tap Hunter thing now.

Or if you just want it for yourself, do that too. Nobody's making you hang out with us.

[Note by Dex, 03/01/11 1:25 PM EST ] Drama dutifully notes with me as confirmed by his Secret Source that Randy Jones is actually on the wagon, so any drinking under the table will be done using something from the Grill's excellent selection of soda pops.