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Padres FanFest Schedule Released!

Line for Pop Flies
Line for Pop Flies

The Padres FanFest is on Saturday 2/12. I won't be there, which is a shame because we were going to put on a blogging clinic in the handicapped stall of the Men's room. Maybe next year.

I think the plan is for Gaslamp Ballers to meet up at 3rd base at 11:30am. This isn't a mandatory event but some of you have expressed interest in having a common meeting spot and it worked well last time we did it.

Don't forget that Season Ticket Holders enter early at 9am with a voucher.

Here are some highlights from last year's FanFest to act as a fluffer to get you excited for next week:

Also the schedules for autographs, clinics, forums and activities were released today:

Activities_medium Clinics_medium Forums_medium Autographs_medium