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Gaslamp Ball Book Club: Dick Enberg's "Oh My!" Chapter 10

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We started reading Dick Enberg's "Oh My!" on 12/9/2009  for our Gaslamp Ball Book Club soon after it was announced that he would be broadcasting Padres games. Together we've read 9 chapters and become great friends.  Tonight we read and discuss Chapter 10.

In this chapter Dick Enberg writes about his bachelor days after his divorce, living with his father, meeting and marrying his second wife and interviewing athletes naked.

This is also the chapter in which Enberg comes to San Diego, moving to Rancho Santa Fe to be close to his ailing father.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you think Enberg felt responsible for ending his father's second marriage because his broadcast was the cause for the argument that led to their divorce?  As a youth Enberg revealed his mother's affair to his father causing their divorce.  Discuss Enberg's connection to the two divorces and the reason why Enberg doesn't make the connection himself in his writings.
  2. Enberg draws a parallel between his own love life and the game of baseball saying:
    I've told people who have been single for a long time that as soon as you stop chasing love, it finds you.  It's like athletes always say, "Let the game come to you."
    What other similarities can be made between the game of baseball and his love life?
  3. Describe Enbergs pain when NBC told him that they were replacing him with Vin Scully for the 1983 playoffs and World Series?  Enberg has replaced many broadcasters in his career, do you think they felt similarly?
  4. Discuss Enberg's relationship with his father.  Why did it take so long for them to say they loved each other?