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Around the Mission: 2/28 Padres Links

  • Kyle Blanks plays first base in intrasquad game | News
    Rehabbing Padres slugger Kyle Blanks played five innings at first base during an intrasquad game on Saturday.

  • The Padres agree to terms with 27 players under club control | News
    The Padres announced Sunday that they have agreed to terms with 27 players under club control on contracts for the upcoming season.

  • Stauffer's career headed forward after several detours -
    "It was nice to get the opportunity late last season and to contribute in that playoff atmosphere with the way I was throwing. I had stuff, I had a game plan."

  • Padres' Opening Day payroll at about $43 million -
    The signings bring to $43 million the amount the Padres will owe their Opening Day payroll in 2011 -- up from around $39 million last season. The total projected payroll budget for 2011 will top $45 million.

  • PADRES: Blanks shows how recovery time from surgery has improved
    "As long as I can stay on the path that I'm on, (my) chances are good."