The Selig Giveth and the Selig Taketh Away...A Tale of Two Cities


Bud Selig is helping decide the fate of two teams. Bud rejected a $200 million loan to the hated Dodgers, today. The loan was from Fox against a 4 year extension of their TV contract with the Dodgers, at the same $50 mil a year rate. Considering the Dodgers would have gotten a sizable increase in their next deal - this was good for Fox and bad for the Dodgers. But McCourt is desperate and doesn't give a crap. Unless McCourt comes up with some other crazy plan to raise cash, Selig pretty much issued his ownership a death warrant. On the other hand, Selig gave his buddies, Mets owners Wilpon and Katz, a secret $25 mil loan last November from some unknown pot of MLB cash. On top of operating cash problems, Wilpon and Katz are being sued by Bernie Madoff victims for $1 billion dollars, trying to claw back the profits they made off Madoff. There is a good chance they will lose. The other angle is that Selig is helping support the Mets $140 mil payroll - which doesn't make the other owners happy. Sandy Alderson sure jumped into another shitstorm.