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Top Ten Padres Related Videos on YouTube

Kendra Wilkinson wearing a Padres throwback jersey
Kendra Wilkinson wearing a Padres throwback jersey

1. Kendra Wilkinson's World Series Prediction
Padres fan for life Kendra Wilkinson mixes up her facts as she discusses the Padres chances of making the 2008 World Series. I love her delivery and the occasional disoriented look on her face as she answers the question. Her enthusiasm is her charm.  Even though she confuses the '92 World Series with the '98, all was forgiven when she stopped by Gaslamp Ball for a day.

2.The Chicken's Greatest Bits Part 1
This is the first of 4 videos entitled "The Chicken's Greatest Bits". The San Diego Chicken is one of a kind.  Watching this video reminds me of my youth, when times were simpler.  It's all good wholesome family fun except for at the 1:35 mark where the Chicken tries to rape a cheerleader.

3.  "HERO" Ad - San Diego Padres, US Marine Corps, & US Navy
With cuts of the Padres mixed into cuts of the the USMC and the USN, the Team of the Military looks born-again hard.

4.  Matt Vasgersian Playing With Dolls
There are a bunch of Matt Vasgersian videos on YouTube.  This one is probably my favorite.  It reminds me that there used to be pretty good chemistry in the Padres broadcast booth and a Friar doll. Now we have Dick Enberg.

5. Tina Fey impersonates Tracy Morgan on Letterman
Tina Fey tells David Letterman the story of Tracy Morgan approaching a beautiful blond on the set of 30 Rock. "Look at your fine self, you look like you should be married to one of the San Diego Padres." It's a good line and quite the compliment.


6. Aki Vs. Ants, Picnic!
This Corky's Pest Control commercial was played every two minutes during Padres games a few years ago. You see that dance that Akinori Otsuka does at the end of the video? I remember Dex doing that with a crazy look on his face one time. Still gives me nightmares.

7.  Tony Gwynn confronts Luigi
Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn confronts Luigi, a die hard Padres fan -- until the Red Sox, the Angels or one of his other favorite teams comes to town..  Gwynn tells the story of seeing him Angels game wearing an Angels jersey.

8.  Mark "Mudcat" Grant imitating Umpires
This video from the 80's of Grant imitating umpires of his day is a classic.  It's nice seeing Grant in his playing shape, before his visits to the Valley View Casino Buffet, but more comforting knowing that Grant's charisma and sense of humor are timeless.

9.  Step Up to the Plate - Opposite Corners
This Seattle Mariner fan lost a bet with a lovely Padres lady and to repay the debt he had to write and perform a Padres rap. At least that's how I understand it. If you click through you can see the lyrics that he spits.

10. Heath Bell Sweat Spot
Heath Bell explains his weight loss techniques using the Wii Fit.  He works up quite the lather and is completely out of breath at the end.