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Cameron Maybin warns against eating Panda Express. Padres Owner and Panda CEO Tom Davin would probably disagree.

Never eat panda express shits had me feeling awful for 2 days back on my grind tomorrow,, We got action...less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone


At some point Panda Express has left us all feeling, lets say, not so fresh.  But when Cameron Maybin, the Padres new Center Fielder, complains of its sickening after effects and warns his twitter followers never to eat it... hilarity ensues.  That's because Tom Davin, the CEO of Panda Restaurants, is a member of the Padres Ownership Group.

Hat tip and curtsy to Gaslamp Ballers Drama and Mad Villian for finding this and connecting the dots.

UPDATE:  Maybin talks the talk and now walks the wok.

Man just got back on the wagon panda express was great today, now I'm ready for action.... Best oriental cuisine around... Let's go...!less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone



Tweet from Padres' Maybin creates a stir -

"I'm on Twitter probation," Maybin said through a big smile Thursday morning at the Padres complex. "I'm hoping we can sweep that one under the rug.

"I would like to say I love Panda Express. I have been going there since I was in high school. It's the best cuisine around."

Maybin was apologetic while maintaining a sense of humor.

"I can't believe how that just took off," he said. "It went everywhere in no time flat. What a bad coincidence. Part of me was thinking pretty funny and part of me wasn't thinking. It was comical, like, really . . . "