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Gaslamp Ball Dream Diary

 Whenever I have a Padres related dream, I document it here in a dream diary.  All of these are real dreams and I do not embellish them.  I remind you that this is not an opportunity to share your dreams.  Nobody cares about your dreams or your fantasy teams for that matter.

I was riding a moped to get lunch.  That's when I saw Hall of Famer Tony the Gwynn walking out of Subway with a bunch of mentally handicapped adults.  Apparently he was doing some sort of meet and greet or fundraiser for them at Subway, who knows, the Dream Fairy wasn't narrating.  As he walked to his car, I called out to him.  "Hey Tony how you feeling?"

He approached me and kind of whispered under his breath, "There's a big deal in the works."  Intrigued I nonchalantly asked him what the deal he was talking about.  "The Padres are trading for Junior" he said.  I pretended like that would be a good move.  "Ah, so Cameron Maybin and Gwynn Jr. will be platooning in center?  That might be cool."  He asked me to keep the news on the down low. 

I thought about how hard it would be to sit on a scoop like this and then I woke up and realized that Dream Tony Gwynn probably wouldn't mind if I told you all.  So if the Padres do trade for Tony Gwynn Jr. and my dreams foretell the future then remember that you heard it here first.