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Keys to the 2011 Season (according to other Padres related websites): Kyle Blanks

We're not normally known for analysis around here, but we're all about heckling other people's analysis. For example, did you know that the 2011 Padres suck and that the our only hope is Kyle Blanks? That's the impression you'd get reading today.

So says boharry:

While I'm glad baseball is back (football puts me to sleep), I'm hoping like heck more moves are made before opening day - this lineup is *weak*. And yes, once he's healthy, Kyle needs to come in, take over 1st base and MASH for this team to have a prayer.

So, just so's we're all aware, for us to have a prayer, we need Kyle Blanks to show up and f_ckin' MASH. Otherwise? weaksauce. OK, boharry. I got you. I'm down. I'm down.

And before you say, "Oh that's just one dude. We're not that f_cked, are we?" Let me just tell you, "oh yes we are."


Kyle Blanks needs to play big this season. And I'm not talking about his weight.
So there you have it. Kyle Blanks is key to the 2011 season.