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Open Thread: Padres Fan Fest

Ahhhhh Fan Fest... That magical time of year when pitchers and catchers have yet to report and everybody is excited because we're just as likely as anyone to win the World Series this year, because seriously, look at the stuff we got at that garage sale.

Great stuff.

I encourage you all to mingle near the third base line at around 11:30AM to meet one another in person and be disillusioned when you realize that TheGrandHatching is not actually a chicken in an egg and that freelunch will not be buying you free lunch.

And then.... As you take photos and gather up your stories and complete your bingo cards, I also encourage you to check in to the Open Thread and on Twitter and share your delightful experiences. I'm not sure what I'm going to wear, but I'll be the dude with black hair needs a haircut, possibly wearing a baby.

Some links:

Bingo Cards

Fan Fest Schedule

Survival Guide from a couple years ago

A FanPost about Fan Fest

Tweeting @gaslampball will probably be your best bet if you want to try to get a hold of me. That or talk somebody into paging me over the intercom. That should've been a bingo card space.