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GLB Virtual Movie Club: Major League II

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OK, Gaslamp Ballers. It's time for another edition of the Gaslamp Ball Virtual Movie Club. Tonight's movie? Major League II, starring Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger and a cast of dozens.

How does Virtual Movie Club work? I will tell you:

Step 1: Find yourself a stream of Major League II or grab your DVD. MLII is available on Netflix streaming currently. That's what I'll be using.

Step 2: At 9:00PM Pacific, we will all hit play on our respective streams.

Step 3: Using Twitter and this here Open Thread, we will discuss what we are watching from the comforts of our respective homes. We will be apart, but together. No pausing, lest we ruin the illusion of this event that we are about to take part in.

Step 4: ?????

Step 5: Profit

How well does Virtual Movie Club work? Surprisingly well. Here are some things to think about as we watch together:


  1. What exactly is going on as we watch Major League II together? Does this story even make sense?
  2. The first Major League was set in the glorious after glow of Reagan's 80's. With Major League II firmly set in the grunge 90's, does the je ne sais quoi of Generation X make its true mark known?
  3. Does anything about Charlie Sheen's performance in Major League II portend his run in with Hookergate?
  4. Whatever else you might think of.
Since I can't imagine that more than 2 or 3 of us will be participating in this, we'll have plenty of room to create our own inside jokes, which will drive away lurkers by the dozens as they become more and more frustrated with our obscure pop culture references.


Some stuff to get you psyched:


Major League II IMDB Page

Major League II Wikipedia Page

If you have Netflix: Major League II Netflix Page

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