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Open Thread, 12/19: Winter Meetings Recap

Welcome, San Diego. I want to talk Padres with you!

Topics on the table...

Bob Scanlan in the Broadcast Booth
When you're a man like Bob Scanlan, smart, honest, and well spoken, but also blessed with a great radio voice and handsome as all-get-the-hell-out-of-town, you have the five tools of being a sports talk show host. Is it a waste to only be taking advantage of 4 out of the 5 tools? Especially considering the 5th tool of handsom as all-get-the-hell-out-of-town is the one being wasted?

Welcome to San Diego, Huston Street!
If there's one thing I like about San Diego baseball, it's our closers. Expect the Padres to win 73 games next year and for Huston Street to save all 73 of them, winning a Cy Young in the process and joining the pantheon of great Padres relievers.

Goodbye Aaron Harang and Heath Bell and PTBNL
Two of the nicest guys on the team are now taking their nice schtick to other cities. Le Sigh...

Grading the Winter Meetings
If I grade Josh Byrnes on the curve of wanting 2012 to be a winning season, I give him a D. If I grade on the curve of wanting 2014-2019 to be winning seasons, I give him a B for potential. I've been told that didn't get good grades though so I'm not even sure what the letters fully signify.

Open Forum
I think my favorite part of the off-season is the fact that we're not actively losing any games. It's a tie for first place, people!