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Padres trade for Huston Street is 66% Fresh

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The Huston Street deal doesn't look as bad as I originally thought. Dan Hayes is reporting that the Rockies will pick up $1M of his 7.5M salary and $500K buyout . Hayes also says that the PTBNL isn't a top 30 prospect so it's likely someone we're not going to miss.

If things don't work out with Street his buyout is relatively cheap and if they do and the Padres are out of the race early he could be traded to a contender where we could pick up a prospect or a bit of cash. I'm already getting confused by the new collective bargaining agreement but I think we'll get a draft pick possibly if the Padres don't pick up his option. If draft picks were visible, the Padres could star in an episode of Hoarders.

Corey Brock says Street hasn't allowed an earned run in his 11 appearances at Petco Park. Plus he's younger and visibly in better shape then Heath Bell, so maybe that means something.

Anyway the rest of the Padres media and blogs think the trade is fresh enough to put on super market shelves, but marked down so it'll sell fast.

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In Huston Street, Padres Acquire Future Trade Chip | FanGraphs Baseball
San Diego has acquired in Street less a player to close out games for four months, and more the opportunity to acquire, at the trade deadline, one of a contending team’s top-10 prospects. Provided Street stays healthy for those same four months, that’s very likely what the Padres will be doing.


Padres acquire Huston Street from Rockies :: Friar Forecast
It wouldn’t be wise to invest too much, in dollars or prospects, on a relief pitcher. However, if we assume the Padres lost a relatively insignificant player, this deal isn’t all that bad. The Padres will owe Street $7 million in 2012, not a bad price for a solid closer. Further, they don’t have to commit any length or dollars to Street if things don’t work out.

Rotten_mediumTwitter / @ducksnorts
Huston Street? As in, the guy who couldn't throw a ball past Brad Hawpe last summer? This should be entertaining.

Rotten_mediumFriarhood - Padres Set to Acquire Rockies Closer Huston Street for PTBNL
With a limited budget, I'm not sure why they felt such a strong need to splurge on a closer, when everyone knows they need to score runs. I just wish they cared less about getting a closer and more about getting run producers.

Rotten_mediumTwitter / @woedoctor
Brad Brach had 108 Saves over last 3 seasons in MiLB, but, yes Byrnes, by all means pay $8 mil for replacement closer. #faultylogic #Padres


Twitter / @619sports
The #Padres didn't get better by picking up Huston Street, but it's a tidy move to cover a need short term.


Twitter / @thesacbunt
I'm pretty neutral on the Street trade but it does reinforce my belief that Byrnes is Towers.


Twitter / @jennycavnar
#padres get an overall good deal for Huston Street I think


Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton - Josh Byrnes Interview (MP3)
I think you came away with a hell of a pitcher, without giving up gems.