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Huston Street inches closer to being closer for Padres

I don't really get this move. Why spend so much on a closer while clearly in a rebuilding phase? If it's true that the Padres will pick up most of Street's $7.5M salary next season then it just doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense. Maybe I'm missing something.

Wouldn't it be more fiscally responsible to let one of our young and cheap pitchers grow into the role? Just let Petco Park do the heavy lifting for a few years while Luke Gregerson closes. Relief pitchers grow like weeds in Petco Park. You could even let Brad Brach cut his teeth until the team has a chance of being competitive again.

I liked the deal a lot more when it was rumored to involve the Rockies taking Orlando Hudson and his contract in return for Street. Oh well, Street will likely just be a one year rental because of his $500K buy out anyway.

Huston Street

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Aug 02, 1983