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San Diego Padres Winter Meetings: Day 1

Yesterday completed the first day of Winter Meetings. As a Padres fan in a rebuilding half-decade, what should you be informed upon? What sorts of things should you be talking about?

First off, know that the Padres are going in with 5 or 10 things that are like at the front of the line.

Heath Bell is a Miami Marlin
This was probably the Padres big thing to note. We no longer have a closer. Actually, Luke Gregerson is currently listed as the closer with Ernesto Frieri as the setup man. Is it possible to borrow Kevin Towers for like a day to dumpster dive some bullpen help? No? Worth asking.

Andrew Bailey is not the future closer
I have no info on Andrew Bailey sweepstakes other than this:

Red Sox will make an attempt on A's closer Andrew Bailey, a team source said.
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"Oh hey, Big Market Team? You need a closer? Oh OK. Here have one of ours. Oh? You didn't want that guy? You want the guy we want? Oh... Well... OK... That's cool. That's cool. Here why don't you just take Ernesto Frieri while you're at it. Consider it an apology for even daring to dream that we would bid on a dude that you are rumored to be making an attempt on."

Omar Minaya chillin' like a villain
If you are Positive Paul, you tell people that Omar Minaya is a great baseball mind and, in being able to focus on his expertise (Latin American scouting), his shortcomings (Megatrades) will be minimized. If you are Negative Nellie you start telling everybody that the Padres are paying for a guy who will be convincing Josh Byrnes to trade the entire Padres farm system for Miguel Tejada.

Padres would like to try again with the infield
Rumors are that Chase Headley, Jason Bartlett and Orlando Hudson are all getting time on the trading block. Market suggests that Chase Headley would attract the most in return. Market also suggests that Padres would be really happy to get rid of O-Dog and his billion dollar salary in 2012.

Padres interested in Daniel Murphy

#Tigers#Bluejays#Padres have called #Mets on Murphy. Mets like Tigers Andy Dirks as potential CF alternative to Pagan.
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Daniel Murphy plays like every position, looks like he knows how to properly cook a soufflé and could potentially be a rebuilding infielder.

The Padres will not offer more than 2 years on a Free Agent contract
I'm not super clear whether this meant relief pitchers or just pitchers or just in general, but Josh Byrnes says that greater than 2 years on a contract doesn't make sense. His logic makes sense, though I hate dealing in absolutes. Like what if Heath Bell wanted five years at $2 million a year? That's like a bargain I think. I dunno, I don't carry cash in my wallet anymore. Regardless, any free agent rumored to want more than 2 years? Count us out for now.

You'll be seeing Aaron Harang again next season a Dodger. No word on the next pile of lead that Petco Park will turn into gold.

Padres ticket sales calling up a motherf_ckin' STORM
If you've ever bought group tickets, season tickets, partial season tickets, etc, you are getting a phone call from Padres ticket sales this week. I'm trying to think what my pitch would be. Everything I'm seeing says it's not gonna be a great product next season, but I know I'll still hit a bunch of games, watching like whoever they put out on the field. I guess my pitch would be, "Hey! It's baseball!" Though, they've tried that in the past... Did that work back then?

And Finally... No news does not mean no news
Quiz: If a deal gets made today or tomorrow, people may not say anything because A) It won't be for a player to get excited about. B) It will be dealing a player people like and therefore cause a "ruckus" or C)

#Padres Byrnes said he had a lot of talks Monday. Said if deal not done today, it might not be announced here due to physical exams
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I guess the answer is D) All of the above.

I'm gonna end on a positive GO PADRES!