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Carlos Quentin to the Padres just made some heads explode in San Diego

The Padres have acquired a player, under 30, who's not an injury risk, makes over $2 million, and is highly coveted by other teams, not for his potential, but for his kinetic.

Carlos Quentin is now a San Diego Padre.

What did it take to get him? A pair of talented Padres prospects in Simon Castro and Pedro Hernandez, though by some accounts not among our "top" prospects.

Is there rejoicing in San Diego? Of course not! We're San Diegoans! When good things happen to us in sports, there must be something afoot.

By all accounts, this is a salary dump for the White Sox and a move that makes the Padres immediately better in 2012. What's the criticism?

Carlos Quentin hasn't played more than 131 games in his career
Is it due to injury? Not really. So the second that they start awarding wins for perfect attendance, this will become a factor.

Carlos Quentin hits towering home runs
Which will all end up on the Western Metal Supply rooftop. I'm gonna start calling Quentin the Western Metal Supplier. However, everybody knows that power hitters don't hit home runs at Petco Park. Nobody has ever been able to hit a home run at Petco Park. Especially not somebody as strong as Carlos Quentin.

Carlos Quentin sucks at defense and will not be able to play right field
Every other option we've ever stuck in Petco's right field has been amazing at defense... like Miguel Ojeda. Right field in Petco is literally impossible to play defensively. You need to actually place a God there if you want any hope at all that a ball gets caught.

Also, Buddy says Quentin will be playing left field.

Rebuilding move?
"Sure, Carlos Quentin has shown that he can perform at the Minor League Level, but he has yet to prove that he can perform at the Major League Level. All he's done is two All-Star appearances and the most recent one of those was way back in 2011. That's an eternity ago. We need players who can perform now." - First caller on Hacksaw's Corky's Hotline on Monday morning

Over the hill?
Carlos Quentin's just about the oldest player on this team... of 26 year old players...

Carlos Quentin is NOT perfect
"The only player I will be happy with is somebody already in the Hall of Fame!" - Third caller on Scott & BR's show when they talk Padres in hour 4.

Rest assured True Believers, even though the criticism will come fast and hard, this is a great signing by the Padres. This is not somebody we're hoping will bounce back from an off season. This is not somebody that's a huge injury risk. This is not somebody we're waiting 3 years for. This is somebody who we want to have here in San Diego at exactly NOW. You want excitement? You want somebody who can hit home runs? You want somebody to get those guys around the bases? There it is. It's Carlos Quentin.