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Ramblings on Moorad, Maguire and Movies

Jeff Moorad's former partner Leigh Steinberg had a warrant issued for his arrest a few days ago. He failed to show up to court last week. Steinberg allegedly owes $1.4 million to a landlord for office space. He says he thought his lawyer rescheduled his appearance.

I hope he's not a secret member of the Padres ownership group.

Steinberg said his financial troubles stem in part from his divorce in 2008. During the divorce proceedings, Steinberg told the court he had suffered "significant business reversals and losses" that had prompted the couple to refinance the family home, according to papers filed in family court in Orange County.

What he lacks in money he more than makes up for with internet friends. Here's a strange quote from the LA Times article.

The sports agent said he's not hiding or running from the law. He said he has an office open for business in Irvine and thousands of friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter.

Umm. Okay.

Anyway, Steinberg was Cameron Crowe's inspiration for Jerry Maguire. Here he is doing one of those awkard cameos that doesn't serve any purpose.

According to IMDB Jeff Moorad has an uncredited appearance in the movie as well, but I just watched all the scenes with sports agents and couldn't find him. Did he have a beard back in 1996? Someone help me find him. The entire movie is on YouTube, but I didn't want to watch all of it because it sucks. Seriously someone help me.

Speaking of Moorad and movies, he lists his 5 favorite movies in a recent interview with The La Jolla Light.

"Heaven Can Wait," "Polar Express," "The Sound of Music," "American Graffiti," and "Jerry Maguire."

Let's analyze his choices. He likes American Graffiti because it's based on his hometown of Modesto. He likes Jerry Maguire because he was in it. Polar Express because of the lifeless eyes and acting of the computer generated characters. Heaven Can Wait because he probably grew up a Rams fan or something. But The Sound of Music? What's the connection there? Did he have au pair from Austria growing up? Did he have the hots for Julie Andrews? I can't figure it out.

I'm just rambling now. This isn't one of my finer blogging moments, but I spent so much time watching Jerry Maguire I figured I'd post anyway.