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Welcome to the San Diego Padres, Yonder Alonso

First off, let's get it out of the way. That's a good baseball name. It's ripe for the puns. Everything with the "over yonder" and "yonder this and that". Maybe that's the only pun, but it's a good one.

What else do we know?

Listed as an top 50 prospect, the Reds were apparently looking to get him some work in left field since he was so blocked in that organization. John Sickels likes him as a B+ prospect who's big league ready.

Everything I'm reading about him is that he's patient at the plate and can hit for power, but also that he's slow. Left field isn't a realistic position for him, though having Cam Maybin on the team to cover the gaps had to have helped our slower corner infielders over the last year so left field may be an open option.

Apparently, he's had early trouble hitting left handers, but has been working on it and has come around of late. Reds Fan seems to love him, but they were loaded (by my definition) at first base and were in a position to move Alonso (and all those other dudes) in exchange for an upgrade at pitcher.

Also, he's on Twitter, and that makes for good times.

All that said, we're still a ways away from spring training and at this pace, there's an outside chance that he gets traded by President's Day.

Yonder Alonso

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Apr 08, 1987