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Chris Denorfia receives one-year deal with our San Diego Padres

As Chris Denorfia agrees to his one-year deal with the club, the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. Assuming that Orlando Hudson and Jason Bartlett are still on the trading block and that one or both may not make it to Petco come April, our big leaguers for the 2012 season are Huston Street and Chris Denorfia and some zombie combination of a middle infield.

And that's it...

If the season were to start tomorrow...

I believe the plan is for Huston Street to shift to closer in a new one man rotation and for Chris Denorfia to learn catcher. Both Street and Denorfia will wear catchers gear. Denorfia will obviously wear it because of his time to be spent behind the plate. Street will wear the gear in order to literally throw himself in front of batted balls, considering that he will have a zombie infield and no definitive outfielders. Chris Denorfia will use his superhuman speed and diving ability to run down any balls that make it past street and the walking dead infield.

Bud Selig has approved a petition filed by the Padres to allow "ghost" runners, though the rule allowing ghost runners to advance on wild pitches will not be used because that would just be pathetic.

Chris Denorfia

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Jul 15, 1980

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First purchase as a millionaire: Swimming pool with diving board

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