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Padres Links: Hayhurst talks 'roid repercussions, Latos not part of Padres future, Sickels grades 25 prospects and Fox deal announcement coming

  • Dirk Hayhurst " Ryan Braun, And Why It Wont Matter In a Year.

    I remember when, then fellow Padre Clay Hensley, popped for roids, took his time off, then took his mid nineties fastball and went to the Show to get paid. Jealous? You bet I was. Not just because he got to the big leagues, but because he was transformed into a superior athlete and I had to compete against him. It’s tough to be a normal guy fighting to get to the top against super serum soldiers.
    Hayhurst is right that there aren't many negative consequences for using PED's. They should use Hensley's career as an example of how things can go terribly wrong. Show that instead of winning an MVP trophy you can just as easily end up DFA'd by the Miami Marlins.
  • insidethepadres: Winter buzz
    Mat Latos might be untouchable at the plate but not on the trading block. Does this mean that you should take the Latos jersey off of your Christmas list? I don't know.

    The Padres are not shopping Latos, their homegrown ace who only two seasons ago was one of the elite starting pitchers in the National League. But, somewhat surprisingly to this blog, other clubs seem to think he's not cemented to future Padres rosters.

  • 2011 Friarhood Holiday Event
    Friarhood is throwing a Holiday Event on Wednesday at the Tilted Kilt downtown. They ask you bring a toy for Toys for Tots. Mat Latos and Jane Mitchell are coming, but not together, at least I don't think so. I had an item I was going to donate to the raffle but I haven't been able to find it yet.

  • San Diego Padres Top 20 Prospects for 2012 - Minor League Ball
    I've never even heard of Rymer Liriano and yet he's the Padres #2 prospect according to John Sickels. Go figure.

    This was already a very deep farm system, but adding Erlin and Wieland in the Adams trade was a masterstroke.
  • Padres chat with U-T columnist Bill Center
    Somebody asked Bill Center what he thinks of Padres blogs being used as sources. I'm not sure which blog he's talking about here because we don't propose deals and the rest of the blogs have been in deep hibernation since July.

    They are fun to read. Some of their proposed deals could never happen.
  • MAFFEI: Fox Sports San Diego is close to being reality
    The Padres are likely to announce a new TV deal with Fox Sports next month. It'll be just like Channel 4 except we'll all be rich!

    Fox has talked with Cox Communications about renting its Channel 4 studios just outside Petco Park. Channel 4 carried Padres games for the last 11 seasons, and its studios are first class. Several former Channel 4 employees have been recommended for positions with Fox.
  • Talking Padres With Geoff Young - Chicken Friars
    If you're one of the many Padres fans that think the Padres blogosphere went down the toilet when Ducksnorts ended its 14 year run then you'll be glad to hear that the toilet backed up and Geoff is swirling around the bowl again to answer some questions.