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San Francisco girl searches for San Diego Padres Fan she met on BART

A week ago, maybe on November 26th, 24 year old San Francisco resident Debra met the most "charming handsome young gentlemen" on BART. It might sound redundant, but he was a Padres fan.

He was "one of the most amazing people" she has ever met in her whole life and now she can't get him out of her mind. Again, he was a Padres fan.

They talked the entire trip and had "the best conversation of all". When he got off BART she realized that she forgot to ask his name. In an attempt to find him she made an almost 7 minute YouTube video. It's a classic missed connection.

And before you ask, yes, she knows this sounds weird.

Here's how she describes the Padres fan:

He's from San Diego and he was wearing a Padres hat, which -- I mean that's cute. The Padres aren't really the best we all know that, but whatever. It's okay. It's cute that he represents his hometown. Like that's super cute right?

Other things she knows about him:

  • He races cars and crashed a Mustang and his mom's Camaro.
  • He went to culinary school and was a chef for a year but he couldn't make a living so now he's a liquor salesman and stocks shelves.
  • He's from San Diego but has lived in San Francisco for 4 or 5 years.
  • He had a Padres screen saver on his phone, which is cute.
  • He was on his way to a Raiders game.
  • He was in San Francisco so he also might be gay.

He sounds incredible.

Let's help her find her man. Spread the word via social medias! It's for true love!