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We should set up a Padres Lecture Series aboard Social Cycle

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I saw this story about Social Cycle on and thought how great this would be for a Gaslamp Ball meet up.

Or better yet we could start a Gaslamp Ball Lecture Series where we continually ride circles around Petco Park for 2 hours (the minimum rental time) and try to pick up Padres employees who are willing to be our guest speaker for 15 minutes or so.

They could tell us about their job, their daily duties and any interesting stories. Then when we're finished with them we'll drop them off in the sketchy part of the East Village and pedal frantically away. We'd then circle Petco Park again in hopes of picking up someone new.

That'd be rad.


Actually now that I read their website I realize that they won't let you pick up or drop off passengers. They also don't allow alcohol.

The Social Cycle is not a bicycle that is “for hire” to the general public. That being said, we can’t pick up any passengers off the street and/or drop passengers off at different locations.

No alcohol is allowed on the Social Cycle. The Social Cycle is a “dry” bicycle.