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New Padres program? Padres Blogger becomes famous? TV audience drops? Byrnes is Towers' twin?

Dave from Padres blog <a href="">Tenth and Island</a> is IN!  Are you?
Dave from Padres blog Tenth and Island is IN! Are you?
  • Garfinkel says no radical changes for Padres uniforms
    You might have be caught up in the Brown and Gold vs. Blue and Gray debate, or be offended that you've been called a "vocal minority" but this Tom Garfinkel quote is what caught my eye. I think I'm just as interested in this new program as I am in the new uniforms. For reals.
    we have another program that we're very excited about that celebrates and links our past with the present that we'll introduce tomorrow as well.
  • insidethepadres: Brown
    I was at the USC / Stanford football game a couple weeks back and there was a guy sitting in front of me wearing a blue MLB hat. I was pretty sure he was a Brewers or Mariners fan and had to wait until he turned around to see that it had the interlocking SD logo to know he was a Padres fan. The lesson here is that when you wear Brown and Gold, people will not mistake you for any other fan. Tom Krasovic has it right:

    Any baseball team can wear blue or red. The daring and distinctive choice is brown. What can brown do for you, Padres? It's earthy vibe can set you apart from the pack, yet not seem a gimmick. Choose Padres brown, and connect to your funky past.
  • Tenth & Island: I'm in the "I'm In" campaign
    This is a cool story of how a Padres blogger and season ticket holder teamed up with the Padres marketing department to become a star.

    Now, anyone in line for nachos had a 7ft picture of me staring at them. Scary!
  • PADRES: Team's audience drop in 2011 biggest in MLB
    It shouldn't really surprise anyone that the broadcast rating dropped in 2011 by 41%. The winning percentage dropped a good amount and let's just say that Dick Enberg isn't exactly a draw. I really tried to tune into some of those games late in the season, but they were pretty much unwatchable after a few minutes.

  • The Sacrifice Bunt " Are you saying "boo" or "Boo-rnes?"
    The SacBunt thinks Byrnes has more in common with Towers than Hoyer, which isn't necessarily a good thing if you're the SacBunt. The most shocking part of this blog post is that he considered following another team after Hoyer left.