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Padres Links: Uniforms, DJ jobs, stolen talent, Bell vs. Papelbon, forgery, etc.

  • Padres chat with U-T columnist Bill Center
    Rumor has it that the Padres will unveil their uniform changes on Wednesday.  As we were told before the uniform changes won't necessarily be drastic but they will make all the different uniforms more uniform as far as colors and fonts are concerned.
    I don't want to spill the club's unveiling. I will say I like them a lot more than the present uniforms, although the colors are much the same. The now uniforms will be bolder with some traditional trimming. I think club president Tom Garfinkel will get kudos for the uniforms -- from all but the "bring-back-the-brown" faction.
  • MLB Team Jobs
    The Padres are hiring a new DJ.  If I were the Padres, I wouldn't hire a DJ. But if I was the Padres I would be hell bent on hiring a DJ. But I would switch DJ's every year and not let them carry over any music from their predecessor.  Also I would hire someone with absolutely no knowledge of "clap tracks".

    Responsible for creating and maintaining a fun, lively atmosphere in which fans are engaged through the use of music, clap tracks, organ and crowd engaging prompts
  • insidethepadres: Q&A, Jason McLeod
    Tom Krasovic asked McLeod if he and Hoyer were planning on stealing all the best Padres scouts.  His response: 
    But at the same time, the Padres aren't going to let you raid their organization of the best and brightest.
      Aren't they?  Isn't that exactly what the Cubs just did?
  • Smart money’s on Papelbon -
    This Boston sportswriter prefers Papelbon over Bell, because he's fat.  Bell, not the sportswriter.  Well, the Sportswriter too.
    The 34-year-old Bell has topped 40 saves in each of the last three seasons with the San Diego Padres, but he’s 260 pounds, hasn’t closed in a big market and the worst month in his career has been September. He could easily become another broken-down Bobby Jenks.
  • Second Padres prospect believed to have falsified identity |
    Same thing as last week.  Another Padres prospect from Latin America is under investigation for possibly falsifying his name or birthdate.

  • Twitter / @DWinfield_ESPN: We are at a corporate retr ...
    Winfield and some of his Padres co-workers were at a corporate retreat in Laguna, Ca. In other news he still has a picture of him in Yankee uniform as his Twitter background.

  • ESCONDIDO: Padres owner presses city for ballpark deal
    There's some news about the minor league ballpark but I found it really boring and couldn't get through it.  You're on your own.

  • Stauffer, among other regional stars, inducted to local Hall of Fame -
    Tim Stauffer was inducted into some Hall of Fame somewhere.  It's funny how the author makes it sound like the Padres might be interested in a couple big named free agents.

    He’ll be watching closely the next couple of months to see what acquisitions the Padres make to beef up their offense. Two of the game’s biggest sluggers - Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder - are on the free agent market. "I hope we bring in some pieces that will help us," Stauffer said.