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Four Padres links that might interest a Padres fan who is interested in Padres links and also autographs

  • During the World Series, Fox was showing the MasterCard Stand Up To Cancer commercial featuring Tony Gwynn.  Gwynn is standing there wearing a very serious look on his face and an over sized yellow t-shirt.  When he speaks his face shows signs of paralysis and his eyes show the burden of months of chemotherapy, radiation and worry.

    Denis Leary apparently thought it was a good time to kick him while he's down:

    Tony Gwynn looks like he ate Tony Gwynn Jr.
    Oct 28 via WhoSayFavoriteRetweetReply

    Oh, I get it. It's a joke because he's overweight and is fighting cancer. Classic.
  • Stephen Strasburg 5k with Tony Gwynn
    Speaking of Tony Gwynn... you can now register to run the 2nd annual Strasburg 5K at SDSU for $35.  The first 1500 people to sign up get a Gwynn and a Strasburg autographed picture among a cornucopia of other free stuff.  I did it last year.  It was fun if you like running 3.1 miles.

  • Mat Latos refusing to sign autographs while Logan Forsythe signed for everyone - YouTube
    Speaking of getting autographs... this guy on YouTube hates Mat Latos, but really wants to get and sell his autograph because there is a demand for pitcher's autographs who suck apparently.

    if you think mat latos is nice you are wrong the guy is probably the biggest prick in the league.he stood there and laughed when people asked him for an would have taken him maybe 1 minute to sign for the 4 or 5 of us out there waiting for him but he didnt do his eyes he is king kong and on top of the world. in someone like mine or any other fan he is an average pitcher at best who probably will make 1 or 2 all star teams before his career is over and might win 100-150 games.i oftne wonder what makes a person this big of a prick???? even some of the players who signed for us on the team who will remain nameless said he is a piece of sh*t.
    I was telling Dex this morning that there should be a rule that you shouldn't be allowed to ask for autographs from people that are younger than you.  He tentatively agreed, but said he would still probably ask for Phillip Rivers' autograph if the situation presented itself.
  • Latos_medium

    Come Help Dallas & Mat Latos Save Animals! | LobShots
    Speaking of Mat Latos autographs... you don't have to stand outside his hotel, interrupt his dinner or beg him on film to get his autograph.  You can just attend this charity event that supports SNAP San Diego.  You'll just have to pretend you're an animal lover instead of a stalker for about an hour.
    Mat will be signing autographs for a $10 minimum donation to SNAP from 12pm-1pm. If you don’t have anything of your own that you would like signed, pictures and baseball cards will be available for an extra $5 donation.