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Phil Nevin on the 2012 Hall of Fame ballot

I've been to the Hall of Fame twice and I love the place. It's magical. The plaques look ghostly on the walls and you feel like, "Oh man... this is like where Baseball Gods live..." Regardless of how crap the player might have actually been.

The trick is getting in... And then you're immortal.

This year, one of our own has made the ballot. You know you love him. Phil "The Thril" Nevin. The Late Bloomer himself. Phil Nevin is a Hall of Fame candidate.

I don't really have a lot to say beyond that. I was just like every other Padres fan. I didn't really know about Phil Nevin as a backup catcher and then he was the Greatest Third Baseman Evar Since Ken Caminiti. And then he and Ryan Klesko were kinda buddy-buddy, but couldn't get the Petco fences moved in and then you kinda wondered if he juiced and stuff and he grew pretty good facial hair that was sometimes a mustache and sometimes a goatee and other teams just the beard part, like wild fluctuations. You could probably predict the weather with some combination of his facial hair.


Consider this my endorsement for Phil Nevin to be a Hall of Famer. Can somebody throw a vote or two his way please? Or whatever it takes to get him in? That would be rad, thanks.