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Cubs GM Hoyer: "Hopefully we play 1984 over again and it ends up differently."

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • Hoyer became GM of the Chicago Cubs as a result of a perfect storm. "I think in the end it's a great thing for all parties involved. It's a great move for me career-wise. I think it's great for the Padres in that Josh is obviously a very accomplished GM. He's got a terrific relationship with Jeff."
  • "I think if I'm a Padres fan, I think it's a good thing knowing the closeness between the owner and the GM. It's probably the most important relationship in the game, maybe tied with the GM / Manager relationship."
  • Hoyer thinks everybody got what they wanted in this deal. "I don't think there is any injured party here. Certainly, I know that I'm thrilled to be here [Chicago]."
  • "I think the Padres are headed in the right direction. There's a great staff there. For me that's the hardest part about leaving."
  • There were talks with Moorad about Hoyer staying because he does believe in the direction of the club. Moorad did leave the choice up to Hoyer completely.
    "Jeff certainly wouldn't have done it if Josh wasn't there and I wouldn't have done it for the same reason. Because I do feel strongly about the Padres organization and I definitely wouldn't have left them in the lurch. Jeff wouldn't have let me go and I wouldn't have left if it would have hurt the Padres."
  • Josh Byrnes gave Jed Hoyer's resume to Jeff Moorad before he was hired with the Padres. "I wouldn't have been here if it wasn't for Josh."
  • Two years ago Moorad had tried to hire Byrnes before Hoyer but Arizona wouldn't let Moorad talk to him.
  • Hoyer never felt it was inevitable that Josh Byrnes would be the Padres GM. He didn't think Moorad was just waiting for him to leave. Hoyer always thought Byrnes would get a GM job somewhere else.
  • Hoyer did have talks about an extension with Moorad. The extension was not offered and that factored into his decision to leave.
  • "The Cubs situation and working for Theo was incredibly appealing. I'd be lying to say after 2004 in Boston, that the Cubs weren't always sort of in the back of my mind because of the rare chance to do that twice."
  • Hoyer feels good about the position the Padres are in right now. The farm system is really good.
  • Hoyer isn't worried about Theo Epstein getting the credit for any possible success. "Would I have done this for another person? No."
  • "Hopefully we play 1984 over again and it ends up differently."
  • The resources are great in Chicago, but they have to build up the farm system. Hoyer is most proud of his success with the farm system of the Padres.
  • The Cubs are going to let the media interview managerial candidates as well. They did that in Boston as well.
  • On the Cubs hiring Bud Black: "Yeah, I think that's unlikely." Hoyer will miss him. "He's a good one and San Diego is really lucky."
  • This wasn't an easy decision for Hoyer to leave. "I'll never have a single negative thought about my 2 years in San Diego."