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Frank McCourt and the Dodgers rumored to be holding up the San Diego Padres TV deal

There's speculation that the Padres won't be finalizing their new TV deal with Fox until sometime after the Dodgers get their TV deal worked out for 2012. From John Maffei at NC Times, the new TV deal is waiting for Bud Selig approval:

Both the Padres and Dodgers multi-year deals were believed to be front-loaded. Both are subject to approval by commissioner Bud Selig.

Sources said Selig would like to approve the Padres' deal, but is holding off, pending the outcome of the Dodgers' case.

Unfortunately, Frank McCourt wants to sell the new TV deal before actually selling the team, but the trouble with that is Fox is still under contract through the 2012 season with an exclusive option for 2013, and doesn't appear interested in letting McCourt squeeze any more money out of it. McCourt's argument is that the bankruptcy should let him truly liquidate all of his assets and that includes voiding any contracts he's currently under... So that he can establish a new contract... Which he can then liquidate... Ummm...

The Dodgers creditors obviously want the TV deal as part of the sale of the team, as it's one of the more valuable pieces of owning the Dodgers.

So where does that leave us? Well, the talk is that the TV deal won't be decided for the Dodgers one way or another till January, which leaves us with no new TV contract until probably juuuuuust before Spring Training. This of course affects the final numbers for the Padres who won't be able to budget in any added revenue until then, which means any offseason moves that you might have been hoping for in light of getting a new and improved TV contract probably won't happen... Thanks to the damn dirty Dodgers.