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Mat Latos hates Cameron Maybin, taunts him with Panda Express

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Latos taunts Maybin with Panda Express
Latos taunts Maybin with Panda Express

Mat Latos and Cameron Maybin did a joint autograph session where Latos signed a photo "I hate Cam Maybin!" 

At first you might think it was a joke and a reference to the "I hate SF!" ball he signed last Spring, but we suspect he might really hate Maybin. 

Why else would Latos taunt him with a two entree plate of orange chicken and white rice from Panda Express?  Maybin has stated in the past that it causes him indigestion, much to the chagrin of the partial Padres owner and Panda Express CEO. Maybin is clearly affected by the taunting.  Look at how his eyes are on the verge of tears.  It's quite sad really.

I think I'd prefer to have this photo signed than the one of Latos pitching.