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The 5 most amazing Padres links of the day! Hip Hop Hooray!

  • Padres Jersey Redesign: A fireside chat with The Sacrifice Bunt
    The guys at the Sac Bunt have a fruitful conversation about the state of the uniforms. I agree that the Padres should choose a distinct design and take inspiration from their Major League history rather than their PCL days.  I'd prefer if they just ditched the redesign all together and went back to a classic uniform.

    We both prefer some version of brown, aside from that happening, we have different ideas about the direction the team should go. Neither of us are in love with the redesign.
  • PADRES: Bartlett's return in 2012 uncertain
    The Padres want to trade Hudson or Bartlett in the off season. I think we all would prefer they trade Hudson but the Padres don't think there will be any takers due to his contract. Trading Barlett will probably be more likely.

  • 'Numerous' teams interested in Padres' Bell |
    Bell wants a three year deal and to stay in San Diego, but he likely can't have both. He has heard that multiple clubs have interest in him and he has yet to hear from Padres GM Josh Byrnes.

    "I’ve heard Boston might have interest in me," said Bell. "I could go play with Adrian (Gonzalez) again. I could do that."
    This comment makes me think he's trolling now.
  • Padres' offseason moves will hinge on closer Heath Bell | News
    Josh Brynes is waiting to see if Bell will accept arbitration because it will have an affect on the rest of the team's payroll. Bell doesn't seem to think he'll come back to the Padres.

    "I think it's a long shot," Bell said.
  • Padres reportedly reach agreement with outfielder Mark Kotsay | News
    The Padres haven't made an official statement about Mark Kotsay but he is already saying his goodbyes in Milwaukee.