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Cameron Maybin: "The kid is back!!!" Holla!

The kid is back!!! Back ,back in Cali let's get it friar faithful holla at ya boy
Nov 13 via Twitter for iPhoneFavoriteRetweetReply


Cameron Maybin is back on twitter and back in Cali.  He's my favorite. I like his avatar.  I like his tweets.  I like how he calls himself the Kid.    I like his new name @spidermayb24, which is probably a result of Mark Grant nicknaming him "Daddy Long Legs". Listen, I like everything about him.

Just like Anthony Rizzo before him, Cameron Maybin returned to twitter after deleting his account over the summer.  I don't really get why players delete their account when there is a possibility of coming back.  It  would make more sense to just not tweet for a while, because when they do come back with a new account they spend weeks trying to regain all of the followers that they lost.  Then they have to rely on the Friarhood to help them get the word out that they're back, design contests and answer questions.  It's a whole ordeal. 

Plus how are you ever going to get verified on Twitter if you keep leaving?  I guess none of that stuff in the past really matters anymore now that the Kid is back.