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Harmony first in the Padres front office

Tim Sullivan has a great article about Bud Black's relationship with new Padres GM, Josh Byrnes. I learned many interesting things from this article, including the fact that Josh Byrnes and Bud Black used to work together, scouting prospects in Cleveland.

I don't know why, but this gives me warm fuzzies. I know Padres doubters are seeing this offseason as a state of flux, and I don't blame anybody for feeling that way, but the optimist in me always takes these stories and enjoys them.

I like:

  • ...That Theo Epstein tried to get Josh Byrnes first, but Byrnes wanted to remain here (Byrne's wife is a native San Diegan, from what I understand).
  • ...That Josh Byrnes and Bud Black have a relationship already and that Bud Black is such a huge Aztecs fan that San Diego stays high on his list of places he wants to be.
  • ...That Jeff Moorad apparently likes Josh Byrnes. When it comes time for a GM to have the hard conversation with ownership about opening up the pocketbooks to get just one more piece, it's better if the owner likes the GM. Towers could convince Moores all day and all night to open up the wallet for just one more guy. I don't think he had the same relationship with Moorad.
  • ...That there's a general cleaning house in the Padres front office. It's always nice to start fresh.
I said it at the time, though I can't find the blog post right now, but if you've read Veeck as in Wreck, Bill Veeck had a clear idea of what he would hope to accomplish after first acquiring a club. A 90 win season within the first year was NOT one of them. Coming that close to winning the division in 2010 was both good luck and bad luck for the Padres. Ownership was forced to ride out a train that they didn't believe in and therefore hold off on the moves that they wanted to make in a proper rebuild. Bill Veeck said that ideally, there would be incremental gains the first two years and a division title in the third year of a new ownership. I just can't tell if we're now in year one or year three.