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Jenny Cavnar to cover Hockey for Fox, make nice with suits and hopefully return for Padres duty

As Channel 4 disassembles it's stellar Padres media machine we are seeing the first sign of our favorite hosts scatter in the wind.  Jenny Cavnar will begin to cover Anaheim Ducks hockey for Fox's Prime Ticket, starting on October 14th.

Get ready for some hockey tweets... it's true! I'll be hosting Ducks Live on PRIME TICKET this fall/winter... with plenty of SD tweets too
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Wait!  Don't unfollow just yet...

As Channel 4 viewers we saw Jenny's first flirtation with ice hockey when she followed Canadian Padre Matt Stairs oot onto the ice.  It was the only hockey I've ever enjoyed.

Better yet, if the rumors are true and the San Diego Padres are signing a contract with Fox for future television coverage, I'm hoping that Jenny is slyly making this move to Fox's Prime Ticket to get her foot in the door.  So when baseball season starts next Spring she'll have already charmed the pants off the Fox execs (figuratively) and we'll get to see her cover the Padres again.  Hooray for Jen-nay!